eastern cedar vs western cedar

eastern cedar vs western cedar

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Western red cedar (Thuja plicata) reigns supreme for the production of decking, siding, shingles, and outdoor structures because of its natural decay resistance, ability to repel water, and abundance.

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Western red cedar aromatic cedar eastern cedar white cedar spanish cedar I do know that western red cedar is pricey and is very red I've got a customer that would ...

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Eastern cedar is lighter in colour, with whitish sapwood and light brown heartwood. Both trees usually have a straight and even grain. While eastern cedar has a fine texture, western cedar is more coarse. The cedar trademark is actually its scent, which is described as spicy.

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One of the disadvantages of Alaskan Yellow Cedar is the ability to sourcing large diameter high quality wood. For this reason many builders choose red cedar over yellow cedar. Cost Comparison: Western Red Cedar vs Alaskan Yellow Cedar

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Eastern Red Cedar is actually a Juniper and there are people who are allergic to it. ( Western Cedar has accusations of allergy reactions too) Western Cedar generally has straight grain and thin sapwood on the outside of the tree.

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Eastern White Cedar is a close relative of Western red cedar, genetically speaking. However, the white cedar tree is much smaller and so the lumber is quite knotty, compared to the very clear lumber of red cedar.

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Due to its superior qualities, coastal western red cedar is the only type of cedar sold by some distributors, including Boston Cedar. Inland red cedar is the same botanical species as western red cedar, but hails from the interior slopes of the Rocky Mountains in Idaho, Montana, and into eastern B.C. and Alberta.

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The Eastern Red Cedar is much shorter overall than the Western Red Cedar, typically being between 16 to 66 feet tall (5 to 20 m) with a trunk between 12 to 39 inches (30 to 100 cm) in diameter. The Western Red Cedar is also quite long-lived, with some members of the species living more than 900 years.

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What is the difference between Eastern Red Cedar and Aromatic Red Cedar? They are the same and both have the species name, Juniperus Virgiania. This cedar should not be confused with Western red cedar which is a completely different species. Aromatic red cedar heartwood is a beautiful pink which ages to reddish brown.

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White cedar fences typically last longer than red cedar fences do, often as much as 10 years longer. That’s a significant difference. A fence is a considerable investment and it should last as long as possible.